• IFA -Berlin Germany - 5 Sept - 10 Sept, 2014 - World's Largest Consumer Show
  • A Day Made of Glass - 2. The Future? Made possible by CORNING Inc.
  • International CES 2014, Las Vegas, USA - World's Largest Trade Show to exceed 2,700 exhibitors from 140 countries
  • LG Claims World's First 84" ULTRA HDTV
  • SONY 4K sets now available in UK Stores
  • PANASONIC ends production of PLASMA in December 2013
  • SAMSUNG demonstrate amazing OLED TV
  • HUMAX produce a snapshot into UK's viewing habits

Welcome to DIGITALTVinfo

DIGITAL TV INFO continues to be the most comprehensive 
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world of DIGITAL TV.

2014 is set to bring more 4K ULTRA HD, LCD, CURVED OLED and other 
fantastic TV developments reaching the shelves of retailers.
You'll be amazed when you see Ultra HD TV.

LG have already announced its launch at CES 2014 of the World's
Largest CURVED OLED - 108 inches -  4K ULTRA HD TV.

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The progression of DIGITAL TV has provided 
many attributes in both a high quality picture and sound.

Another postive has been the ability to make available 
a signal frequency that now allows an even better 
means to communicate with mobile phones with 
the roll-out of 4G Mobile communication.

There is however, a certain clash with both devices 
and it is best to be aware that 4G may interfere with 
your FREEVIEW performance.

If this is the case within your area of the UK, this will be 
quickly identified and you will be issued with a Postcard
through your door highlighting a simple solution to 
to resolve any interference issues you may encounter.

The 4G interference, if any, only applies to Freeview 
viewing. Satellite and Cable are not affected.

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The vast amount of INFO contained within this and 
associated websites is compiled with the assistance 
of many individuals and organisations, 
including major manufacturers.

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