SKY plus goes from strength to strength


According to a 5 August 2008 news release, Sky+, reported as the UK's most popular digital video recorder, added 321,000 customers in the three months to 30 June 08. Over 40% or 3.7 million of Sky's customers now benefit from being able to pause and rewind live TV, record two things at the same time and record a whole series instantly with one button.

The last quarter, three months to June 2008, also saw 92,000 new customers join Sky, taking the total number of households with Sky to nearly 9 million. In addition:

  • Sky+ HD had an increase of 33,000 bringing the total to 498,000
  • Sky Broadband now has 1,6 million customers - an increase of 200,000
  • Sky Talk added 146,000 new customers bringing the total number to nearly 1.2 million.

The number of homes with two or more Sky boxes rose by 33,000 to 1.6 million

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SOURCE:   BSKYB Press Office, London. UK - 5 August 2008  - Minor Edits - Group Editor,