Pioneer restructure and stop PDP manufacturing


Pioneer Corp. has announced a restructuring that will force it to withdraw from 'own' manufacturing of Plasma Panels and thus procure from the Panasonic [Matsushita] factories. This decision is the result of intense competition and continued price erosion.

Pioneer has successfully manufactured high quality Plasma Panels in 3 sizes [42 inch / 50 inch / 60 inch]from its 3 plants in Japan for some time. The closure of these manufacturing plants will probably mean the transfer of the hundreds of employees to assist with assembly only once the plants have re-adjusted.


At CES 2008 in Las Vegas, Pioneer and others demonstrated very slim TVs. Obviously all these developments come at a cost and as such the company itself has had to slim down its manufacturing investment.

All is not lost as Pioneer will procure Plasma Panels from Panasonic. Previous announcements of launching LCD via its tie with Sharp will probably result in a launch of Pioneer LCD products in the middle of 2008.


With OLED now closer to becoming a reality [2010 or sooner], it may be that Pioneer's commercial decision will place them in the forefront of new technology [behind Sony, Hitachi and Samsung], without the expense of actually manufacturing the basic panels?[Editor comment] 


With the vast competition and continued erosion of prices one can only expect that Pioneer will not be the last company to 'pull in the reigns' so it may prosper in the future, providing high quality products for the discerning consumer.


SOURCE:   Pioneer Corp. Japan - 7 March 2008, edited by