FREESAT ? HD availability with no subscription


With an expected Spring launch in the UK, a brand new digital satellite TV service offering free HD TV programming at no extra cost comes from the BBC and ITV in the form of FREESAT. This service has NO monthly subscription, only a one-off payment for the FREESAT digital box, a satellite dish and installation. As FREESAT is broadcast via satellite, it is claimed that approximately 98% of households in the UK will be able to receive the digital broadcasts with this system.

FREESAT is a brand new digital satellite TV service and product offering the best of Digital TV including amazing HD [high definition] pictures and HD sound without the need to pay any subscription charges for the privilege – you pay only for the FREESAT Digital Box, satellite dish and installation. If you already have a dish then easier still – the unit will be available without the dish and installation package - just connect the cable for your existing satellite dish. Basically it is FREEVIEW with HD.


Come Spring 2008, the products and service will be available to watch more than 80 TV channels – prices are yet to be confirmed. Initial supply will unfortunately be restricted as the actual products will only be available in the UK for demonstration via a limited number of out-of-town, retailer outlets [Comet & Currys], the 28 stores of John Lewis and from the catalogue outlets of Argos. Though initially a restricted launch, it is expected that FREESAT will greatly increase their availability and supply to the many thousands of independent TV specialist retailers in High Streets throughout the UK.


freesat came together formally in May 2007 and includes many of the same people who brought you Freeview. So while we're a brand new service, we've actually been around for a while, if you see what we mean. We're funded 50/50 by our shareholders ITV and the BBC, and we're run on a not-for-profit basis.


Initially formed in May 2007 as a joint venture between the BBC and ITV, FREESAT is funded 50/50 by the shareholders of ITV plus the BBC as a not-for-profit organisation.


Technical information released states, “Although the FREESAT service uses Astra 2 at 28.2°

East, a similar 45-60cm dish pointing at the nearby Eurobird at 28.5° East, ought to also be able to receive FREESAT. Note that these satellites are also already in use for existing UK digital-satellite television platforms.”


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SOURCE: FREESAT, London UK – 10 March, 2008.   Edited and Authored by: Stuart Hopwood, Group Editor, Ltd