Summary INTERNATIONAL CES 2009, Las Vegas, Nevada ? 8 -11 January


Colourful CES 2009 - featuring Green TV and Blu-ray with Internet Interactivity

The 2009 CES in Las Vegas was again a massive ‘Aladdin’s Cave’ of colourful products [and characters], widgets, gadgets and innovations that are the envy of many to own, both in and especially out of our industry.

On the day before the official opening, most manufacturers introduced similar outstanding product innovations, though the massive emphasis announced by the world leaders at all the Press Conferences was their introduction and production of Green products along with the introduction of International ECO Programs.

Keeping on the colour theme, the Blu-ray Disc Association was also very keen to present hard facts to substantiate the rapid growth of this HD format with 10.7 million Blu-ray capable players shipped to the US since inception in June 2006 compared to only 5.4 million DVD players shipped three years into its launch. Along with an amazing 30+ million Blu-ray discs sold, the facts speak for themselves – this is a truly favoured HD ‘add-on’.

The popularity of Blu-ray alone is immense and now there is another enhanced consumer experience, BD-Live. Eleven more players with Interactive Internet connectivity were announced at the show. Interactive Internet TV [IPTV] has also now arrived in strength from the world leading LCD and Plasma companies for availability in 2009.

To realise the immensity of CES, exhibiting space alone of 1.7 million square feet equates to covering more than 20 football pitches [that’s nearly equivalent to the whole of the NEC, Birmingham]. Yes, a good pair of comfy shoes and methodical planning for the Trade and Press visitors is always needed in an attempt to see the vast array of innovations. This year included 3D TV, Wireless HDTV, a mass of amazing super-slim, energy saving, flat panel TVs, plus, a Watch Phone.

In the following paragraphs this snapshot will outline some of the major developments that could be of interest to your future business development.

LG Electronics - CES 2009

LG opened its press conference with emphasis of Advanced Technologies including: Wireless HD; 3D Entertainment; TruMotion 240Hz; LED Backlight; Connected Devices; Pure Sound; 2 Microphone Noise Cancellation; ATSC-M/H and Environmental Policy. In a nutshell:

  • Wireless HD is an important development for LG featuring Uncompressed Signal.
  • 3D Entertainment is now a confirmed reality from with the major Studios of Disney, Paramount, WB, Columbia, 20th Century Fox and Universal all on line to support 3DTV.
  • TruMotion 240Hz is to eliminate the inherent issues with LCD of Motion Blur incorporating Interpolated Frame + Impulse Driving.
  • Slim LED Backlight LCD models provide a much greater intensity and versatility of backlight switching plus allow screen thickness to be reduced to only 16.3mm on a 55 inch TV.

With the mention of UK’s very own James Bond, a working Watch Phone was introduced. With features such as Touch Screen, 2 hours Talk Time and Bluetooth, maybe, this device will steal a few sales from iPhone? Wonder how long it will take before the product is tagged with names such as iWrist, iWatch or iTime?

Unparalleled Access to Content was headlined as LG announced the launch of Network Blu-ray Disc Players, accessing YouTube, Netflix, Yahoo, CinemaNow and NetCast.


Keeping on the subject of building leadership in digital technology [US Digital Switchover – 17 February 2009], Toshiba focused on delivering amazing REGZA LCD picture quality with advanced video processing, stunning cosmetics, function and style with PixelPure and Resolution + and AutoView.

Also announced was Toshiba’s Internet connectivity Network Player with TV Widgets incorporating associations with Yahoo, Intel and Windows Media Centre.

Realising the downturn of prices, Toshiba are to produce LCD TV for everyone - Non-REGZA with an every day right price and New REGZA with leading technology and connectivity, not at an everyday price.

Toshiba’s features and benefits of Resolution +, Deep Lagoon with Invisible Speakers, AutoView, ClearScan 240, Dolby Volume, DynaLight, CrystalCoat, Audyssey and all the other features is best left to the manufacture to fully educate – let’s hope you as readers are not too confused – sure Toshiba will explain what they all mean?

Oh, nearly forgot, Toshiba’s Top TV Technology, CELL TV detailed as Future TV. ECO facts and 3D TV were also part of Toshiba’s 40 minute conference.

SHARP - CES 2009

Advised at a Press conference the day before the show opened, Sharp reported, in preparation for future growth of LCD Panels for 40, 50 and 60 inch screens, Sharp’s G10 LCD production facility in Sakai City will commence by March 2010. This advanced facility enhances the commitment to the key sizes and future growth of large-screen TVs. Output capacity will commence at 36,000 per month growing to 72,000 per month as the market dictates. 

Energy efficiency, thinner designs with LED backlighting are also Sharp’s strategy. Regarding OLED, though agreed as promising, it is not on their immediate agenda. Sharp’s Limited Edition LCD will have Ultra thin design and RGB-LED Backlight with Local Dimming.

The World’s first LCD TV with built-in Blu-ray player within screen sizes from 32 inch to 52 inch adorn the latest Sharp range. Two Blu-ray models also support BD-ROM Profile 2.0 [enabling BD-Live].

Throughout CES their was the increased popularity of Sound Bars – once dominated by Yamaha, along with others, now Sharp have launched two models, 200w and 300w.


Samsung also introduced a Sound Bar though the opening of the Press Conference was the unique introduction of Yahoo’s Vice President of Connected TV, Patrick Barry, to introduce Cinematic Internet, incorporated in a new range of IPTV based on the Yahoo desktop Widget engine.

Following this the Samsung LUXIA LED TV was introduced providing Wireless Full HD Contents Transmission. Three Series of Energy saving LED Backlight TV are the 6000, 7000 and the ultimate LED 8000 with Auto Motion Plus 240Hz.

The World’s slimmest Blu-ray Player, HT-BD8200, was unveiled along with the World’s first Sound Bar incorporating the BD-Live Interactive feature plus Wireless Subwoofer Connectivity and Bluetooth.

Samsung didn’t stop there with the introduction of the World’s first 64G Solid State Drive Camcorder, a range of OLED TVs, 3D TVs, ultra slim Plasma and a multitude of other ECO friendly products.


The CES press conferences became ever more interesting as products presented were actual products rather than for 2010 and the future. With Panasonic, the momentum continued.

A specially recorded message of collaboration from Hollywood director James Cameron, was screened as Panasonic announced the proposal of 3D Full HD Standard by creating 3D Full HD Blu-ray Disc Authoring Centre at Panasonic Hollywood Labs.

With the acknowledgement of the changing HDTV market, a ‘VIERA for All’ strategy is being introduced for 2009 therefore availability of a broader range – 19 inch to 65 inch, with a total of 42 models.

The first Wireless TV will be the Super Thin 26mm / 1 inch thick Z1 VIERA. The range of slim Plasma and LCD mentioned were to be seen on display on Panasonic’s ‘football-pitch’ of a stand on the opening day - including VIERA Link, the G Series Plasma and VIERA Cast with content from Amazon Video, YouTube, Picasa and Bloomberg, providing hassle free web entertainment in the comfort of the living room.

Blu-ray was an important product with Panasonic introducing the World’s thinnest and the long awaited World’s first Media Free, Format Free Up-convert of all media to 1080p. If this was not enough, the World’s first Portable Blu-ray Disc Player with an 8.9 inch W-SVGA LCD screen.

The Next Generation of Display Technology from Panasonic is Neo PDP Eco and Neo LCD Eco.
Plasma will have Triple Brightness or one third of power consumption – one third of an inch thin – World’s highest moving picture resolution of 1080 lines – new cell structure and 3D Full HD.
LCD will have power consumption reduced by half of that of 2008 – moving picture resolution of 1000 lines – local backlight control and high speed drive technology.

SONY - CES 2009

Finally, a visit to Sony where they clearly expanded on their current lead in the future OLED market with prototypes of a thinner 11 inch display [0.9mm equivalent to 3 credit cards]; 21 inch and 27 inch screens showing a 1 million-to-1 contrast ratio; Fast response times and Super Top Emission.

ECO BRAVIA with reduced power consumption via HCFL [Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamp] backlight, Light Sensor; Eco Switch and Presence Sensor – a few winning features with families who tend to leave the room without switching off the TV. The high efficiency of HCFL helps reduce in-use power consumption by approximately 40%.

The VE5 BRAVIA range is available in 40, 46 and 52 inch screens. With internet Video and 3D BRAVIA looks set to offer a well featured product portfolio for 2009.

As mentioned previously, Sound Bars are now becoming more common. Offering a 3.1 channel Home Theatre system, with 3 HDMI inputs, Sony appear to be joining the many others who will be offering a worthwhile accessory to TV sales during the year.

STOP PRESS - With the recent EU Directive reported recently in a national UK tabloid regarding unacceptable high power consumptions of TV, especially Plasma, hopefully the Green news from CES and reported on will now provide ideal information to allay the possible fears and negatives you may have towards any purchase decisions of a new TV.
Fear not, we are sure this GREEN issue will be covered rigorously in the future.

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Report by Stuart Hopwood, Group Editor - [part of Ltd]