Samsung asked to withdraw adverts


Samsung launched their NEW range of LED 'back-lighting' LCD TV series at CES 2009 with a massive market campaign, simply calling them LED TV, a new revelution in TV technology.

Since their launch, consumers have been confused regarding their technology - in fact many retail staff have also mislead consumers.

The plain fact is that whilst the producta are of an amazing picture quality and well respected with many, the TV's are still of LCD format though back-lighted by Samsung LED technology.

The ASA in the UK has obviously been involved with the complaint of misleading information and as such issued a statement -

The use actual use of LED in TV technology is nothing new to Samsung as they have for some years developed OLED, Organic Light Emmiting Diode TV sets that are truly amazing products. Such products can be justifiably called LED TV.

Speaking with Samsung recently, is very pleased to advise that in no way did they intend to mislead the public into believing the LED TV range was associated with the future technology of OLED.

DigitalTVinfo look forward to seeing the very latest surprise products in January at CES2010 in Las Vegas.