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After another amazing International CES 
Trade event in Las Vegas, 2013 has 
definately welcomed some amazing new
developments in Ultra Hi-def to please 
the discerning and most critical of home 
theatre enthusiasts, albeit with a 
continued struggling economy.

Every year is an amazing, ever changing 
world of technology. 4K LCD, 4K Plasma 
and also 4K OLED will not disappoint. 

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report and collate a wide variety of related 
news of TV and Audio, with some INFO
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As mentioned above, the year started with 
extremely positive developments. 
At the beginning of January 2013 we 
witnessed the International launch of many 
new innovations at the annual CES 
held in 
Las Vegas, USA.

With 3D and IPTV [Internet Protocol / Smart TV] 
dominating the world of TV, 2013 
production now includes 55" /56"
[Organic Light Emitting Diode] - from manufacturers 
who also complete the amazing UHDTV experience 
with 60" to 110" home cinema systems.

YES, 2013 will be a milestone in Ultra Hi-Def.

Our next third year of forecast remains: 
- OLED HDTV without Glasses 
- Holographic TV - 4D with NO Glasses. 
- Increase of Touch Screen Devices throughout the home.
- Ultra HD TV with empahsis also on HD sound

Our forecast for the CES 2013, Las Vegas
was spot on to see more emphasis on 

Well done to ALL manufacturers for 
presenting another great CES. 

Now looking forward to CES 2014 - 7-10 January.

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