Every year at the beginning of January, the DigitalTVinfo Team report about the very latest Technology being launched at the World's largest trade event, CES, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

We will be there from January 4th - 9th reporting in this section providing you with the latest AUDIO INFO from the Wednesday Press Conferences and throughout the Show floors and hotel suites, including;






Without a doubt, Audio makes the Difference.

 In fact, a special VIP invite, by appointment only to see DEFINITION by Dolby Laboratories in its 'One Day Only' demonstration away from the exhibition halls, we discovered how Dolby defines the Digital Entertainment Experience.

Situated in the Rain Man Suite [as used in the film with Dustin Hoffman] at the 5 Star Ceasars Palace, a select few Press members had Dolby 7.1 demonstrated and personally meet and chat with the Vice President of Pixar Studios whose amazing enthusiasm with every detail of sound used in all Pixar movies was incredible. The length of time spent to create accurate sound in just seconds of a Pixar movie is awesome. Now I know how much time and effort goes into making many of my favourite animated movies. Well done Dolby and Pixar.
 We must not forget another company whose name also dorns every DVD and Blu-ray disc movie and player - DTS. Proudly presenting its 11.1 system it must be said that the SOUND really makes a movie great - basically, LISTEN TO THE VISION. Having 11 speakers scattered in your home is not to everyone's taste but just to experience the capabilities of such separation of sound creates a tingling reality.
AUDIO PRODUCTS? Well there is another story to tell regarding the all important element of sound, with or without the vision element.
And if you think listening to your iPod or other brand of MP3 player is the be all and end all, then you are sadly mistaken.
Throughout the world there are still and always will be, men and women who appreciate high quality audio reproduced from some amazing equipment available from many companies, including NAIM, CYRUS, DENON, KEF, B&W, ARCAM, TEAC, MARANTZ, TANNOY, YAMAHA, PIONEER. These and some of the global leaders of both audio and TV strive to obtain perfection for the discerning listener.
So imagine being asked to attend a rare and unique audio demonstration on the 23rd floor of the Venetian Hotel to meet the creator of probably the world's greatest loudspeaker.
The privilege of a demonstration on a personal appointment to listen to a pair of amazing custom built loudspeakers with a front baffle board made of Maple specially cut from trees [only in November], fronting a cabinet of Finnish Birch – housing an exclusive 40-60,000 frequency, was demonstrated in a suite within the Venetian Hotel.
Priced at a mere £27,000 a pair, the manufacturer was non other than Sony.
Thanks to the extremely enthusiastic and very good friend, Eric Kingdon, Sony's European Technical Marketing Manager to invite a select few to hear this amazing development, I must say was very dramatic.
Talking with the actual designer, Yoshiyuki Kaku, Acoustic Manager of Sony's No.1 Design Department, we spoke about his latest development, the AR1. The demonstration was supported by Motoyuki Sugiura, Senior Acoustic Manager at Sony's Tokyo based Audio Product Planning Division, a person I have the privelege of knowing for some years. 
The astounding result was truly amazing so if you wish for the ultimate of a personalised set of floor standing loudspeakers that the most discerning will applaud, and have £27,000, then contact Sony.