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  • EGA

    Enhanced Graphics Adapter - A display system capable of rendering sixteen different colours improving the CGA system with a maximum resolution of 640 pixels horizontally by 350 pixels vertically.

  • Electron Gun

    Device in a conventional television (CRT) tube from which electrons are emitted toward the screen.

  • Encryption

    Scrambling - Used as important method for signal security in transmissions of cable TV, satellite programmes and also on the World Wide Web.

  • EPG

    Electronic Programme Guide - Interactive on-screen menu that is activated by the viewer to aid personal viewing preferences.

  • Equalisation

    Circuitry or action which selectively adjusts the level of certain audio frequencies to compensate for deficiencies in a home entertainment system. This is also referred to as Compensation.

  • EL - Electroluminescent

    A display technology based on the light-emitting ability of certain phosphors [typicaly ZnS] in an electric field. This can be further divided into a variety type of displays - thick film, thin film, AC and DC.

  • Emissive

    Term describing displays that inherently create light - CRT, FED, Plasma, EL and OLED. These displays do not need a separate backlight to provide light for the image as LCD does.