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  • Geometric Distortion

    Deviations from geometric linearity, i.e., flaws in TV set's ability to 
    reproduce lines, shapes and sizes.

  • Ghosting

    Also known as Multipath Distortion, this occurs when broadcast signals 
    and signal echoes (reflected off buildings or other obstructions) reach 
    the radio or TV receiver at slightly different times. In television this 
    phenomenon creates multiple images.

  • GHz

    Gigahertz (gigacycles) - A unit of frequency equal to one billion Hertz 
    or one billion cycles per second.

  • Glitch

    Picture distortion also known more generally as any technical malfunction.

  • Grand Alliance

    United States consortium of broadcasters, manufacturers and engineers 
    to draft an agreed US standard for digital HDTV (High Definition Television).

  • Grey Scale

    Test pattern for testing of TV sets, screen displays and other video 
    equipment with a series of regularly spaced tones ranging from 
    white to black.

  • Geostationary

    Satellites are parked in this orbit travelling at the same speed as the 
    rotation of the Earth. This fixed orbit is approximately 36.000km 
    [22,370 miles] above the Earth's equator.