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  • IDTV

    Integrated Digital Television - Description used to describe WideScreen 
    TV sets mainly in the UK market with built-in Freeview or SKY digital 
    satellite receivers. 
    Freeview is now a normal feature on virtually all digital TVs.

  • IF

    Intermediate Frequency - The first stage in converting a broadcast 
    television signal into baseband video and audio. The frequency to 
    which the signal carrier frequency is changed in a Superheterodyne 
    receiver and at which, most of the amplification takes place.

  • Image Enhancement

    Techniques for increasing apparent sharpness without increasing actual 

  • Image Enhancer

    Device that improves screen images or colour television pictures by 
    comparing each video line element with the preceding and following lines. 
    Differences between vertically aligned elements are added to the 
    middle-line element in the proper phase to enhance picture outlines 
    and contrast.

  • IR or IRC

    InfraRed or InfraRed Control - Handheld device that uses infrared 
    signals to control motorised and electronic equipment. Infrared 
    is part of the electromagnetic spectrum with a longer wavelength 
    than light but a shorter wavelength than radio waves.

  • Inverter

    DC / AC Inverter is mainly used for the power supply of back-light unit 
    in the panel of TFT. The principle of the product is using high voltage to 
    drive a CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp). The DC / AC Inverter 
    is a unique power device in terms of its high watts, efficiency and 
    compact size. However, though initially an efficient device, high power 
    was being used and new technology was needed to supercede, 
    hence, a much lower powered LED back-light system was developed.