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  • Jack Plug / Socket

    Terminology, derived from USA, used as a universal standard for audio 
    and video equipment. Headphone plugs on portable equipment are 
    usually 3.5mm (diameter) whereas on home and studio equipment the 
    plug is classed as a ¼" jack. The main barrel length is a single point 
    round plug with divided stem.
    The tip is the main signal source with the lower part connected to 
    earth. Stereo jack plugs have two sections on its length close to the tip 
    seperated by non-conductive material.

  • Jitter

    Normally associated with video or audio tape recorders. On video it is the 
    horizontal sway of the playback picture caused by uneven rotation of the
    rotary heads, capstan etc., or by the friction of the tape as it is running. 
    Also the effect of 'wow & flutter' during playback.