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  • On Digital

    Discontinued UK set-top box system of receiving digital broadcasts 
    via terrestrial means utilising existing television antennae / aerial rather 
    than a satellite receiving dish or cable connection. 
    Provides the viewer with clearer pictures and sharper soun
    d on 
    existing normal broadcast channels of BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV and 
    Channel 4 plus a multitude of other channels covering many topics. 
    Service offers Free-to-View and a choice of subscription channels. 
    Additional services allow access to the Internet. 
    Several manufacturers integrate the On Digital device within their 
    television sets, iDTVs. See FreeView. 

  • OTR

    One Touch Recording - Feature on audio or video recorders and 
    camcorders. Recording commences when one single key is pressed.

  • OSD

    On Screen Display - Method of showing control status on a screen 
    within a picture area. Commonly seen as text information or 
    messages though icons and now APPS are also in common use.

  • Onscreen Programming

    Process of setting commands by entering information via a remote 
    control. The information is confirmed and displayed on the screen.

  • OIRT

    Organisation Internationale de Radiodifussion-Television

  • OLED

    Organic Light Emitting Diode - OLED technology offers the best 
    way to display pictures and video with fewer constraints on camera 
    and other vision equipment designs.

    • OLED technology consists of extremely thin layers of organic 
      material applied on a substrate such as glass. 
      When stimulated by an electrical charge, these materials emit light.
    • Active-matrix (AM) OLED displays have electronic circuitry built in; 
      so each pixel is driven independently by a corresponding circuit.

  • Organic EL

    Organic Electroluminescence  is the electrically driven emission 
    of light from very thin non-crystalline organic materials. 
    The advantages of organic EL displays include low driving voltage, 
    high brightness and wide viewing angles,
    in addition to their 
    extremely thin structure. Also, as it is made on a plastic film, 
    the technology can be applied to a variety of fields other than 
    for home-use televisions, such as mobile devices, wearable 
    devices and flexible displays.

  • On Demand TV

    'Catch-up', 'iPlayer', 'Demand 5' and other descriptions refer to the 
    selection of TV programmes available to be recalled at 
    convenient times via broadband connection to TV products with 
    IP [Internet Protocol] facility.