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  • SED

    SED ? Surface-Conduction Electron-Emitter Display Deemed by the developers as a revolutionary display that facilitates screen enlargement while maintaining picture quality.

    The advent of the digital revol

  • SAW Filter

    Surface Acoustic Wave Filter Device used in TVs and monitor / receivers to eliminate adjacent channel interference.

  • Scanning

    The horizontal and vertical movement of the electron beam in a TV tube or camcorder imaging-device to create each video frame.

  • Scanning Line

    In a TV picture tube or camcorder imaging-device electron beams scan the picture horizontally line by line. The more scanning lines there are, the sharper the picture.


    Syndicat De Constructeurs S'Appareils Radio R?cepteur Et T?l?viseurs Multi pin A/V connector carrying composite video, data switching, RGB, Y/C and stereo audio signals. Named after Gallic committee that imposed the standard upon Europe.

  • Scrambling

    Method of encoding subscription TV channels of terrestrial, cable or satellite broadcasts to prevent theft of the service.


    Sequential Couleur avec Memoire - Sequential and memory colour TV system adopted by France in 1967 and most Eastern European plus Middle Eastern countries. Also an improved version of NTSC similar to PAL, SECAM differs more radically but still scans hor

  • Si

    Silicon - Normally associated with video or audio tape recorders.

  • SI Unit

    Systeme International d'Unites - Any units adopted for international use from recognised body employed for all scientific and most technical purposes.

    There are seven fundamental units: Metre - length; Kilogram

  • Superheterodyne receiver

    A radio receiver that combines two radio frequency signals by heterodyne action to produce a signal above the audible limit.

  • SVGA

    Super Video Graphics Array - Display system that can support a palette of 16,000,000 colours. Image resolution specifications may vary though in general the larger the diagonal screen measure of a SVGA screen, the more pixels it can display horizontall

  • S-Video

    Separate Video - Refers to the improved picture quality connection of camcorders, VCRs and TV/monitor system by keeping the luminance (brightness) and chrominance signals (colour) separate. Using S-Video interconnects (plugs and cables) improves picture

  • STN

    Super-Twist Nematics - A high performance passive matrix display based on a particular type of liquid crystal. 

  • Sub-Pixel

    Portion of a pixel showing only one of the primary colours of light - Red, Green or Blue. Owing to the poor sensitivity of the human eye to Green colours, each Pixel is comprised of FOUR Sub-Pixels - Red x 1 / Blue x 1 / Green x 2.