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  • Teletext

    Data transmitted along with TV broadcasts.

  • TBC

    Time Base Corrector - An image processor that stabilises synchronous 
    timing errors and enhances multiple generation videotape or videodisc dubs.

  • THD

    Total Harmonic Distortion - Measurement of all distortion of a device 
    as a percentage.

  • THX

    Tomlinson Holman's eXperiment - Owned and licensed by Lucasfilm, 
    THX comprises defined electronic components that meet the Lucas 
    specification, amplifiers, speakers and processors. 
    The system uses Pro-Logic decoding but adds specific audio processing 
    to filter and distribute the sound.

  • Transient

    Short burst of signal energy.

  • Transistor

    Replacement device to the bulky valve in the majority of circuits, this 
    device is much smaller and works at a much lower voltage. 
    A semiconductor device with three or more terminals attached to 
    electrode regions in which current flowing between two electrodes 
    is controlled by a voltage or current applied to one or more specified 

  • TFT

    Thin Film Transistor - Electronic technology upon which AMLCDs are based. 
    Typicaly based on silicon, at the heart is a semiconductor layer which can 
    switch current flow on or off by the application of an electric field.

  • TFT Array

    A component of the AMLCD - the glass substrate containing the thin film 
    transistors is used to switch the sub pixels on or off.