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  • VCR

    VideoCassette Recorder - Generic format of all video tape recorders.

  • Vertical Frequency

    The number of vertical fields per second. 
    The North American TV standard of NTSC equals 60Hz. 
    The United Kingdom PAL standard equals 50Hz.

  • Vertical Oscillator

    The electronic circuit that creates saw-tooth scanning signals 
    synchronising with the vertical sync signal for the vertical deflection 
    of the CRT or the pickup tube.

  • Vertical Resolution

    Measurement, which refers to the amount of detail that, can be perceived 
    vertically. The maximum number of alternating black and white horizontal 
    lines that can be counted in a test pattern from top to bottom.

  • Vertical Scanning

    The vertical movement of the electron beam in a picture screen.

  • VGA

    Video Graphics Array - Display system that has become the accepted 
    minimum standard for resolution quality especially in the personal 
    computer monitor market. 
    The maximum resolution depends on the number of colours displayed. 
    Choosing 16 colours will provide 640 x 480 pixels: 256 colours will give 
    a resolution of 320 x 200 pixels. 

  • VHF

    Very High Frequency - The range of frequencies from 30MHz to 300 MHz. 
    Used for quality radio transmission.

    Within the UK, VHF is also used for cable transmission.

  • VHS

    Video Home System - Developed in the 1970's as a contender to the 
    Philips N1500 system and Sony's Betamax system.
    VHS was adopted by many of the world's leading manufacturers and 
    became the most common home VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) 
    format throughout the world.

  • VHS-C

    Video Home System - Compact - Developed for camcorders and to be 
    completely interchangeable with a home unit VHS via an adapter.

  • Video Disc

    Video Disc term usually refers to laser optical disc based formats 
    of the 70's, utilising 12" discs and used mainly in commercial environments. 
    Though the term is not commonly used it can also refer to a DVD 
    [Digital Versatile Disc]. 
    The term was also used to refer to the obsolete stylus-read format of
    CED (Capacitance Electronic Disc), an RCA format of the 80's provisionally
    adopted by Hitachi in the UK though its success was very limited.
    Whilst the quality was better than pre-recorded VHS, its limited library was 
    unable to compete with the running success of VHS.

  • VLSI

    Very Large Scale Integrated circuit -A very small electronic circuit consisting 
    of a very large assembly of elements made from a chip of semi-conducting material.

  • VESA

    The Video Electronics Standards Association is a worldwide organisation with 
    more than 120 member companies that promotes and develops timely, relevant, 
    open display interface standards, ensuring interoperability and encoraging innovation 
    and market growth. For more information, visit www.vesa.org.