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  • Wide-band Video Amplifier

    A device that extends the frequency response of the system to produce 
    more detail and resolution (up to 560 horizontal lines).

  • WideScreen

    Common reference for screens with an aspect ratio of 16:9 or software that 
    is specially recorded to fit the aspect ratio.

  • Wow & Flutter

    Terminology used with audio and video tape recorders. Frequency deviation 
    of playback signal caused by variation of tape speed, video head rotation or 
    capstan/roller wheel slippage. Expressed as a percentage of change from 
    the desired signal frequency.

  • White Chromaticity

    A measurement of white colour chromaticity. Higher colour temperature 
    gives bluish white (cool white) and lower color temperature gives reddish 
    white (warm white).

  • WXGA

    Refer to XGA - a Wide screen resolution reference.