3DTV Technology

Today's 3DTV is a far cry from that of previous years having many technological advantages.

Whilst there is no format war as in many new formats, there are, however, two major types of Glasses used to view two types of adopted formats of 3D.

First, the majority of the market have gone with the ACTIVE SHUTTER type of glasses. They use LCD lenses that synchronise with the left and right information displayed on a 3DTV frome several leading manufacturers.

Second are glasses used with the PASSIVE POLARISATION type of 3DTV that some TV companies have adopted. This lower cost option will also be fine for the forthcoming 3D channel to be broadcast by SKY. Whilst having the benefit of being least expensive, they will not provide a full HD resolution from 3D Blu-ray.

ACTIVE SHUTTER glasses will  provide optimum quality from 3D Blu-ray and also be compatible with SKY 3D.

In a nutshell, ACTIVE SHUTTER Glasses will provide the FULL HD 3D viewing experience. 

For a brief summary of 3DTV, take a look at this BBC technical report programme - CLICK - recorded last January at the largest trade event in the world, CES 2010, Las Vegas, USA.


Take a Look at Some interesting INFO

We have selected some interesting YOUTUBE Clips from some of the world's leaders in 3DTV. Just CLICK on the titles:


The FULL length advert from Samsung

SONY Advert for 3DTV

PANASONIC Highlights at CES 2010