Benefits of 3DTV Technology

After several years of 'soft' launches by many of the world leaders of TV manufacturing, 2010 will no doubt go done in history as the year 3D TV finally made it into consumer reality.

From mid 2010, 3DTV will be available in the stores from LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony. Others will follow later in the year.

The images are amazing and with more than 200 3D Blu-ray Discs becoming available by the end of 2010 [3D Blu-ray Disc player required], plus promised satellite transmissions by SKY TV in the UK, this could be the way forward for many who enjoy new technology - but not necessarily for everyone.

Whilst seeing the likes of AVATAR, Alice in Wonderland, UP, etc., etc., in glorious 3D, there are many who would prefer not to wear glasses whilst watching their favourite film. Time will obviously tell. As fantastic as the 3D images are, this option is very much, unlike digital TV and HD, is still an option.

Take a look at this link from a BBC report on their CLICK programme from the world's largest trade consumer electronics show earlier this year at CES 2010, Las Vegas, USA  -