Benefits of DLP Technology

How TI DLP® Technology's Superior Technology Delivers Great Looking TV & Home Theatre Images:

  • All Digital: A pure digital technology, DLP® technology offers an accurate, stable performance regardless of external factors, such as heat or vibration.
  • No Phosphor Burn: DLP® reflective technology does not "burn in" to the screen like other TV technologies, which eventually creates "ghost" images.
  • No Convergence Problems: DLP® technology uses only a single panel to create an image, so that the picture always remains sharp and aligned. Three-panelled systems are subject to misalignment.
  • Better Image: DLP® technology features a high "active" area (very small inter-pixel gap) offering a smoother, seamless image.
  • Robustness: DLP® technology reflects not only light, but heat, making it virtually unsusceptible to failure caused by heat.
  • True Colours: DLP® reflective technology delivers more realistic colours than is possible with polarization technologies.
  • High Contrast: DLP® technology's simple optical subsystem allows industry-leading contrast levels.
  • Fast Response: DLP® technology's DMD switching is fast (a few microseconds), resulting in minimal 'lag' and no smearing of fast motion video, so you'll see every move on the football field or race-track with crystal clarity.
  • High Reliability: DLP® DMD chips are environmentally insensitive and robust, ensuring consistent performance over time.
  • Small 'Light Engine': Enables projectors and TVs that are smaller, lighter and more visually attractive than is possible with other technologies.

DLP® Technology Brings Large Screen TVs to Mainstream Consumers

Second generation DLP® technology-enabled TVs are now being manufactured by such industry leaders as: LG Electronics/Zenith, InFocus, Loewe, Optoma, Panasonic, Samsung, SIM2 Multimedia, Thomson and Vestel. 

The advantages of large screen digital televisions as compared to front-projectors are the plug-and-play functionality and the ability to use them in a normal ambient lighting environment so that consumers can enjoy watching TV in a multipurpose room with ordinary light levels, versus a darkened, controlled lighting home theatre room. 

DLP® Technology is Leading The Home Theatre Market

DLP® technology-enabled projectors for home entertainment are currently manufactured by:  Technology, Barco, BenQ, DPI, DreamVision, DWIN Electronics, InFocus Corp., LG Electronics, Marantz, NEC, NexGen, Optoma, Plus Vision Corp. of America, RUNCO, Sharp, SIM2 Multimedia, Toshiba, Vidikron and Yamaha.

Appealing to serious home theatre enthusiasts as well as consumers seeking theatre-quality in their home, front projectors featuring DLP® technology truly deliver viewers a breathtaking visual experience in a controlled lighting environment. 

DLP® is a Trademark of Texas Instruments Inc., USA