• IFA -Berlin Germany - 5 Sept - 10 Sept, 2014 - World's Largest Consumer Show
  • A Day Made of Glass - 2. The Future? Made possible by CORNING Inc.
  • International CES 2014, Las Vegas, USA - World's Largest Trade Show to exceed 2,700 exhibitors from 140 countries
  • LG Claims World's First 84" ULTRA HDTV
  • SONY 4K sets now available in UK Stores
  • PANASONIC ends production of PLASMA in December 2013
  • SAMSUNG demonstrate amazing OLED TV
  • HUMAX produce a snapshot into UK's viewing habits

Welcome to LCD TVinfo - your insight of the VISION

LCD TV has come a long way in quality and  performance since its introduction into the  home TV environment in the late 1990's.

With the introduction of more effective and  efficient *LED BacklightingLCD TV viewing has been greatly enhanced and TV sets have  become much slimmer in design. During 2010, most manufacturers adopted *LED Backlighting in their ranges of LCD TV.

Several years later, the inclusion of LED Backlighting has allowed  manufacturers to produce some amazing super thin designs and amazing quality.

2014 will see more amazing high performance LCD-LED TVs incorporating ultra high definition of 4K - 4 x more pixels than HDTV.

The vast amount of INFO contained within this  and associated websites, is complied with the  assistance of many individuals and organisations,  including major LCD manufacturers.

LATEST NEWS:  Click to see the most Expensive TVs in  the world worth £1.5m

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*LED Backlighting - references made in advertising, magazines, in-store and by  salespersons about LED TV being another  type of TV screen system, is not exactly  correct. Only PLASMA TV and LCD TV are the  main types of screen systems. This said, though still at a premium price, Organic LED TV [OLED] has now come to the forefront and will be even more widely available in 2014.

References to LED TV only refer to the  actual backlighting system of an LCD TV meaning them to be brighter, clearer and  more efficient with the use od Light Emmitting Diodes as opposed to the previous lighting system. 
ORGANIC LED TV is a completely different format.

Enjoy the rest of your visit to LCDTVinfo.

Stuart Hopwood - Group Editor / Director