The Future of OLED

Organic Light Emmitting Diode Technology

OLED technology is the first display that shows the effect of devices - advanced processing power - such as more colorful, life-like images and video.

The market for OLED displays is expected to grow quickly: Research firms DisplaySearch and iSupply project the OLED display market - including cameras, mobile, MP3 and TV applications - will reach several billion dollars (+240 million units) by 2013.

Surprisingly the OLED technology has been used in many mobile applications for some time. Other applications of which have been in aviation and military have also been in use for a few years. 

So where does else is this highly efficient - 'green' - going to be used for the benefit of us, the consumer.

Regarding the home use for TV several manufacturers have already produced prototypes and shown them over the past few years. Only in 2008 was the first product for sale - the Sony 11 inch priced at around US$2,000.

Since then the other manufacturers have been keen to demonstrate their very own advances in this amazing technology.

      Samsung 21inch OLED                          Epson 40 inch OLED

SAMSUNG 21-inch OLED                            EPSON / SEIKO 40-inch OLED


OrganicLEDtvinfo predict this innovation and connotations similar to the OLED technology, (originally developed by KODAK), will create a radical change during the next decade to the Flat Screen as we know it today.

It has always been our belief that OLED is the future - for this reason will keep you informed. Watch this space.

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