Q.  What is Digital Television?


Digital Television (DTV) is a superior type of broadcasting technology rolling out throughout the UK and other countries. The transmitting of information to make a TV picture and sound has for many years been via Ultra High Frequequency [UHF] Analogue waves. Quite simply, UHF analogue waves are now replaced by a massive flow of data bits - as per the signals transmitted by satellite broadcasters. A Digital Broadcaster, whether, BBC, ITV or service provider as such as Sky, can use Digital transmissions to carry far more information than it is currently possible with Analogue broadcast technology. One could compare the difference between Analogue and Digital broadcasting to that of instant camera pictures and superior 35mm film. Regarding sound, this is also superior with a comparison between compact discs and cassette tapes.

The onset of transformation to Digital Television [DTV] will offer a greater experience with a vastly improved picture accompanied with a high performance sound quality.


Q.  What are the benefits of Digital Television?


Digital technology allows the transmission of pictures with higher resolution for dramatically better picture and sound quality than currently available.  DTV also allows the transmission of several TV programs at once - called "multicasting."  DTV technology can also be used to provide interactive video and data services that are not possible with "Analogue" technology. 

An equally important, but often overlooked benefit of DTV is that it will free up scarce and valuable spectrum for public safety and new wireless services.  This is possible because the modern technology of DTV is more efficient than Analogue TV technology, allowing for many new and critical uses of this very limited resource.


Q.  When will my AREA change?


The whole of the UK is changing region by region with some already experiencing the benefits. The planned completion year is 2012. Please see the map supplied by digitalUK for more INFO.


Q.  Can I get help to Switchover to Digital?


There is always help somewhere, whether on-line or in your your independent TV retail store [look for a  member].

On-line you can log into  for a massive amount of INFO.

Should you require 'special' assistance, whether this be for over 75s or disabled people, click onto the DigitalUK Help Scheme;