• IFA -Berlin Germany - 5 Sept - 10 Sept, 2014 - World's Largest Consumer Show
  • A Day Made of Glass - 2. The Future? Made possible by CORNING Inc.
  • International CES 2014, Las Vegas, USA - World's Largest Trade Show to exceed 2,700 exhibitors from 140 countries
  • LG Claims World's First 84" ULTRA HDTV
  • SONY 4K sets now available in UK Stores
  • PANASONIC ends production of PLASMA in December 2013
  • SAMSUNG demonstrate amazing OLED TV
  • HUMAX produce a snapshot into UK's viewing habits

Welcome to ORGANIC LED TVinfo - the VISION of the future - now available

For many years TVINFO has always believed that 
OLED or its derivatives will eventually replace 
LCD and Plasma for superior picture performance, 
higher quality image,  extra versatility and above all, 
more economical. 

With OLED TV, 2D is fantastic - 3D is the ultimate.

Now incorporated with the latest 4K technology, the 8 million pixels provide an amazing resolution. 

Though currently limited in supply and more expensive than 
LCD and Plasma TV, 2013 is the year of general availability

A word of warning to some 
PLEASE, DO NOT relate the current LED backlighting 
system used with current LCD TVs as similar or the same 
LED backlighting is an economical and efficicient illumination 
for LCD TVs providing a crisper and higher quality picture.

[ORGANICLED], is a completely different technology 
as is the derivative, AMOLED [Amorphous ORGANICLED].

As expected, at the January CES 2013 in Las Vegas, USA, 
ORGANICLED had its benefits unveiled as companies launched
OLED TVs including the latest high performance drive system, 
4K,ULTRA HD - 4 x more pixels [8 Mil.] than current FULL HD [2 Mil.].
Take a look and click on LG and Samsung.

ORGANICLED TVinfo is continually updated to provide the most 
comprehensive source of INFO relating to  the latest OLED 
[Organic Light Emmitting Diode], plus its derivative screen 
technologies as they evolve.

This vast amount of INFO is compiled with the valuable 
assistance of many organisations including the major 
manufacturers and distributors of OLED Televisions, 
plus, specialised organisations and publications.

For further INFO please use the buttons above and enjoy 
the knowledge.


LG Display launches production model 55" OLED, 4K ULTRA HD at the January CES, Las Vegas - availability expected early 2013.

Samsung also launched a 55" production OLED, 4K ULTRA HD at CES, Las Vegas - also said to be available in Q2 2013.


Stuart Hopwood - Group Editor / Director

OLED will eventually be a popular format and probably dominate the market 
sooner rather than later. 
The technology is far superior when compared  to LCD and Plasma 
and early adopters WILL definately see the quality difference.