Benefits of HDTV Technology


High-Definition Televisions display a transmitted programme that contains significantly more detail, resulting in much 'crisper' and vibrant pictures.

Always reaching for the ultimate in vision quality, over the years TV manufacturers have always been restricted with picture quality owing to source material. With amazing innovation and advanced technology today's vision products are incredible.

With continued improvements of Plasma and LCD TV, now the availability of OLED TV and the more recent introduction of 4K technology, HD television has never been better, in fact, now we have Ultra HD.


In the past, we suffered, though had to accept analogue broadcast transmissions which produced a certain quality but still unfortunately consisted of a 'grainy' content. This also related to VCR tape that could never provide the ultimate. Even with DVD their are still limitations on performance hence television manufacturers were reluctant on producing the ultimate TV. As the old saying goes, "Performance is only as good as the weakest link".


Today, television manufacturers around the globe have created exciting products to reproduce HD performance and display the ultimate in picture performance.

With Digital transmissions and the inclusion of High Definition programmes broadcast over the Digital transmitting technology, HD televisions using Plasma, LCD, DLP and 3LCD TV systems definately show the absolute ultimate in picture perfomance - well that is until you see the latest OLED 4K TVs.

 The BENEFITS of HD are clearly visible when demonstrated and don't foget that HDTV also offers an audible difference - a *DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1 surround sound broadcast.

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