The Future of Digital TV

The way we watch and enjoy television has already changed for some and over the next few years will have changed significantly for all [well, almost - estimated 98% coverage in the UK].

The swithover from Analogue to Digital transmissions is only the begining as the change to Digital will allow a greater versatilty with both performance and quality of vision and audio.

High Definition [HD] is one such benefit of having Digital - remember, it's not just the picture benefit, there is also a high definition of sound benefit [provided you have the audio equipment to reproduce it].

3DTV is only possible with Digital technology. Viewing 3D without the aid of glasses is around the corner.

Though available for some time in many commercial environments, Touchscreen and other Physical Interactive exchanges with your TV [TV functions activated via 'Recognised Hand-Gesture' rather than remote control], these maybe incorporated and be common place in the years ahead.

Holographic Projection sounds great and is great though, similar to 3DTV, not completely new. In fact a crude version was demonstrated by Hitachi back in 1989.

Since then there have been many technological innovations and developments so it will come as no surprise to know that Holographic TV, though under complete secrecy, is being developed for the future.

Projected Holographic images within an arena setting rather than on a screen may also decorate homes and completely change the concept of TV as we have never seen before [as we have seen in some movies, it looks impressive].

Will OLED [Organic Light Emitting Diode] screens replace LCD and Plasma? Will Laser technology have a vision future?

The Future of vision is exciting and there will be many continuous and exciting developments.

Here at DigitalTVinfo we hope to keep you up-to-date with Today and Tomorrow and Beyond.