Q.  What is HDTV?


High Definition Television is the ultimate of high quality viewing experience firstly available in Japan and the USA and now available throughout most of the UK and the rest of Europe. 
SKY Satellite Broadcasting originally started to broadcast transmissions in early 2006. Beside an incredible picture quality with amazing detail, HD also provides a high quality audio experience with Dolby 5.1 sound.


Q.  Is their a difference between DTV and HDTV?


These two items must not be confused as competing - they are two separate elements that work together. 
Digital Television transmissions provide a much stronger quality signal than the replaced analogue signal. 
The UK now has digital transmitted as analogue is completely phased out with the last switchover at the 
end of 2012 and final retuning in some fringe areas during 2013.

High Definition Television broadcasts need to be transmitted via a Digital signal. These are identified as such with a HD logo.

IMPORTANT - Please note that not all HD-ready TV sets have digital tuners to reproduce transmitted Digital TV programmes; i.e. FreeView HD. Whilst TVs may indicate to be be HD, it should always be checked the built-in Freeview is HD.

To receive Digital TV programmes, i.e., FreeView, your TV must incorporate a DVB tuner. Ask your professional retailer for details.

Look for the RETRA logo within your local store to gain the best advice.  


Q.  What should I look for when buying a new TV?


To accept and reproduce High Definition programmes, in the past, Plasma, LCD, DLP or 3LCD Projector TV had the HD-ready logo.

Please see the TECHNOLOGY section on this site for a full explanation.


Q.  When will I be able to receive HD programmes?


NOW. In fact, in the UK, the satellite provider, SKY started broadcasting High Definition programmes in early 2006 initially consisting of:

SKY Sports - Live Barclays Premiership Football and Guiness Premiership Rugby;

SKY Movies
- With two Screens showing all films in HD including, Spider Man 2, The Day After Tomorrow 
and The House of Flying Daggers;

SKY One - A range of Shows;

- A selection of Opera, Dance and Classical Music;

SKY Box Office
- A choice of up to Ten HD movies a week

In the UK, the BBC announced in the Autumn of 2005 it commenced conducting test broadcasts during 2006.
Today, the current choice is far more vast from SKY and Cable services. Check with your service provider.

From FREEVIEW HD, this is still limited though high quality programmes are available on BBC 1 HD , BBC HD, ITV 1 HD and CH4 HD.
FREESAT HD offer the same with the plus of the Japanese news and current affairs programme, NHK HD.

It is hoped that more FREE HD channels will become more available as the year progresses.


Q.  Will I need any other equipment to receive HD programmes?


Unless your TV incorporates a FREEVIEW HD Tuner, there will be a requirement for a special, separate STB - Set-Top-Box. 
For terrestrial receiving this will be via aerial through a FREEVIEW HD type box. 
SKY satellite transmissions and Cable HD boxes will have their relevant subscriptions.
Please consult your local, independent TV retailer for further details or visit
FREEVIEW HD or FREESAT HD for more information.


Q.  Are there any Disc Players producing HD quality?


YES - these are widely available. The Blu-ray Disc Player [BDP] provides very high definition reproduction via HD software supported by their relevant major film studios - www.blu-ray.com