Benefits of LCD Screen Technology

Sharp 32GA4 LCD TVReferred to as LCD screens, displays or monitors the fundamental simplicity is that used commercially they are easy to view with their high brightness and crisp contrast.

For businesses they are mostly seen adorning most desks in offices and widely used throughout the world in commercial areas where business meets the public in places such as banks, supermarkets, shopping malls and a vast more areas. The use of LCD projectors is mainly in boardroom presentations, conferences, entertainment areas, broadcast studios and many more applications.


Sharp 32 Titanium LCD TVLCD TV has quickly become a versatile product to fit into many areas where Plasma has not been convenient or practical as Plasma panels are not economically manufactured below a screen size of 32 inches.

Beside a wide variety of screen sizes, LCD can also be customised via many types of signal inputs including, video, video camera, computer, terrestrial & satellite TV signal and DVD.

Sharp Titanium LCD TVTheir key advantages are the high performance of picture brightness and contrast, wide variety of screen size and placement versatility. Similar to Plasma, you can literally hang them up like pictures, turning walls into video screens in many public environment.

For domestic use they are the perfect solution to have in any room of your home. The smaller screens are ideal for the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom coupled with a larger screen in the living room.



Sharp 37IDTV LCD TVHaving an ultra slim profile with none of the ugly bulkiness at the rear of the screen, surprisingly when situated on a relevant piece of furniture similar to a conventional TV, LCD screens are also elegant to view when switched on or off.

There are many other technical benefits. Usefully LCD's stay cool and consume little power. LCD will display most computer standards and all global video standards, including Wide Screen and HDTV. With most having speakers built-in they are thus ideal for many multimedia application, and installation is easy - you just plug and play.

Pictures courtesy of Sharp Electronics