Benefits of Plasma Screen Technology

Referred to as Plasma Screens, PDPs or Plasma Displays the fundamental simplicity is that used commercially or in the home they are a slim, easy option than conventional CRT television with the large, bulky, deep surrounds. Plus they are also easy to view undistorted pictures at very obtuse angles because of their ultra-wide 170-degree viewing angle.

For businesses they are the perfect solution for large boardroom presentations, conferences, reception areas and many more applications. Plasma TVs are simply living posters which can be customised via many types of signal inputs including, PC, video camera, computer, terrestrial /satellite TV signal and DVD.

We now take for granted the high quality of these versatile screens and view Plasma throughout many public places including shopping centres, stores plus the better four and five star hotel function rooms throughout the world,

In the home Plasma TV screens now replaces the old bulky set allowing more creative designs within living rooms. Beside excellent picture performance beyond that of LCD their key advantages are DEEPER BLACKS and SUPERIOR VIDEO PROCESSING meaning a virtual instant picture. Size is also an advantage and versatility. Whether a 102" or 42", they can literally hang up like pictures and can turn walls into video screens or simply sit on a piece of unobtrusive furniture.


  • Better Contrast than LCD
  • Better Grey Scale
  • Better Response Time than LCD
  • Better Colour Saturation
  • Better and Deeper Blacks
  • Better Undistorted Viewing Angle
  • Considerably Lighter than Conventional CRT TV

Plasma TV Benefits

With HDTV now securely established in the USA, Japan and increasingly in the UK and rest of Europe the modern sets are HD-ready have screens that will produce the minimum requirement of 720 lines. HD-ready Plasma TVs are ideal to reproduce all current HD Broadcasts for many years to come.

These sets will also reproduce the HD signals fed via the various latest recorded material from Blu-ray and HD-DVD.

The very latest of 2007 Plasma products are FULL HD-ready having the capability of faithfully reproducing HD broadcasts of the future [maybe from 2014] along with reproducing the full content of Blu-ray and HD-DVD in the full and fantastic quality it was developed for. See HDTVinfo for further information.

* Pictures courtesy of Pioneer