The Future Developments of Plasma Screen Technology

PLASMA technology is improving constantly and recognised worldwide throughout the commercial and consumer markets as the stalwart of highly efficient and reliable Flat Screen Technology.

DO NOT believe the less knowledgeable stating that LCD is a better product and will replace Plasma TV in picture quality - THIS IS NOT TRUE, just yet though LCD is gaining ground.

PLASMA IS HERE TO STAY for many, many years to come accordinging to the major suppliers and manufacturers. Just read some of our NEWS items about all the major manufacturers including PIONEER, PANASONIC, HITACHI, SAMSUNG, & LG investing heavily in current and future manufacturing processes to ensure PLASMA stays one step ahead to provide the ultimate in Flat Panel Technology.

But wait! This is not a battle between formats. Both technologies have been developed in tandem to provide major attributes for a multitude of applications. PLASMA succeeds in several ways with 'instant' picture performance for fast moving viewing of action including sport and films - smoother graduation of colour - vast colour reproduction plus greater contrast producing true white and jet black.

Quality of actual picture? Outstanding - though some earlier models produced in the late 1990's and early 2000 tend to lack in Contrast and definition, but then again, so did LCD. This is very noticable between a low specification budget priced Plasma and one at a moderate price with a much higher specification.


Also be aware that lower priced models may not be compatable with future High Definition broadcasts and new DVD software, recognised as HD-ready or actual HD discs, Blu-ray.
Regarding the HDTV facility, this is now being incorporated on Plasma, LCD, DLP and other Flat panel products. Another point to look for is the fact the TV is digital - will it accept and reproduce the latest digital transmissions. Be aware that countries including USA and UK are switching off their analogue transmissions during the coming years - USA in 2009.

Fast becoming more popular Stateside and in the Far East and Australia, High Definition performance on a Plasma display creates a magic that only seeing is believing. The UK HDTV transmissions are currently done via cable and satellite - British Sky Broadcasting and FreeSat.

Get ready - and make sure you're new TV is both DIGITAL and

So what's next? Well 3D TV will probably become widely available within the next decade so keep watching this and even more developments with Plasma Displays. Did you know? 3D TV without the glasses is closer than you think.

What is the REAL FUTURE of Flat Panel Technology?

Will the high performance and versatility of Organic LED and its derivatives race in and take a lead over the coming years? OLED is definately an exciting development and one we must keep a close eye on.

What about SED TV? Well the joint Toshiba/Canon system of SED was thought to lead the way but soon went away without even hitting the market.


With OLED already being an Ultra Slim concept, LCD and Plasma TV is now becoming the scheduled activity for manufacturers.


Will NEW technology combine Plasma, Organic LED, LCD and DLP?

The future looks exciting. We will keep you informed.


It is our endeavour to report actual facts and study the market accordingly. Should Manufacturers require to submit their information please do so and address to Val Hopwood in our Market Analysis Department -